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Model Refinement

Measuring mitochondrial function at multiple levels of complexity
(WP2 leader Peter Willems)

This WP will generate quantitative data to reduce the solution space of the models developed in WP1. Furthermore, WP2 will experimentally test the in silico predictions to allow validation and iterative refinement of the models. Measurements will be performed at both physiological and pathophysiological settings, and will involve quantitative assessment of abundance, posttranslational modifications and biological activities of relevant proteins, and metabolites, ions, and regulatory molecules. We will apply the necessary range of approaches to obtain the required experimental data at the level of molecules, individual live cell mitochondria and single cells, mitochondrial, cell and tissue homogenates, and intact live animal tissue. To allow inter-WP data exchange and use by other researchers, a data format with a common syntax and semantics will be used.