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Sander Grefte

WP2: Measuring mitochondrial function at multiple levels of complexity

AL2: Live cell mitochondria and single cells

This action line aims to use live-cell microscopy to quantitatively measure relevant parameters for mitochondrial and cellular fitness. These parameters will include mitochondrial membrane
potential, mitochondrial matrix pH, free cytosolic and mitochondrial [ATP] and cytosolic glucose using novel reporter proteins, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and cytosolic and mitochondrial Ca2+ handling. Obtained results will lead to life cell constraints for the flux and dynamic model(s) developed in WP1. Finally, we will analyze the time evolution of the above readouts and the effect of the diseased state and/or interventions thereupon.

Sander Grefte obtained his PhD in Medical Sciences at the Radboud University Nijmegen in October 2011. He worked on skeletal muscle regeneration in the field of regenerative medicine. He is currently interested in how extracellular matrix influences mitochondrial functioning and thereby muscle cell differentiation. He is now working as a post-doc (partly) for the CSBB where he has the responsibility for isolating individual  muscle fibers and muscle cells, and for the analysis of relevant mitochondrial parameters in healthy and diseased myotubes.