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Dania Liemburg-Apers

Dania Liemburg-Apers, CSBB PhD student since January 2011

WP2: Measuring mitochondrial function at multiple levels of complexity

AL2: Live cell microscopy analysis of mitochondria and metabolites

This action line aims to provide the dynamic model with quantitative data on metabolite concentrations and dynamic behavior. I focus on glucose because it is one of the key sources of cellular energy. Using live-cell microscopy and a FRET-based glucose sensor I developed a method for quantitative glucose uptake and consumption measurements. In addition, I’m interested in the regulation of glucose uptake upon metabolic stress. Cells with a mitochondrial dysfunction often show a higher demand for glucose. Glucose uptake is mediated by members of the family of facilitated glucose transporters (GLUTs). GLUT1 is widely distributed among different tissues and is responsible for the basal glucose uptake. However, not much is known about the regulation of the transporter at the protein level upon acute metabolic stress. Interestingly, chemical inhibition of complex I leads to increased ROS production and ROS have been linked to regulation of glucose uptake. Therefore, the possibility of  ROS involvement in glucose uptake is being studied.

Personal profile:
Dania obtained her Master degree in Molecular Life Sciences in 2011 at the Radboud University Nijmegen. She performed her first internship in the lab of Pediatrics in Nijmegen where she characterized primary myoblasts from complex I patients. Her second internship was at the department of Biomolecular Chemistry where she studied the effect of ROS on autoimmune diseases. Her final internship was at the department of Biochemistry where she studied the role of G-protein signaling in T cell activation.

Contact details:
Dania Liemburg-Apers, MSc.
Department of Membrane Biochemistry (286)
Centre for Systems Biology and Bioenergetics
NCMLS, Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen
P.O. Box 9101, 6500 HB  Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-24-3613517
Email: D.Apers@ncmls.ru.nl